Method :

The aim of the ultrasonic control is to pick up ultrasonic waves which are emitted by an operating equipment and to transcribe them into the audible field to analyse and interpret them.


Use :

To measure and quantify those ultrasonic waves, our operator uses an equipment called ULTRAPROBE®. It is a kind of pistol bounded to a headset and other accessories. Its measurement range runs from 20 to 100khz, different adjustments allow then to get a reading on the ballistic meter.


Main accessories :

  • The trisonic scanning module consists of a phased array of three transducers which allows to detect ultrasonic waves in the air.
  • The stethoscope module is made of a metal rod bounded to a transductor and allows to make internal analysis.
  • The parabolic antenna allows to receive outside ultrasonic waves that are emitted at several hundred meters (for example, in transmission lines,...).


Applications :

  • Ultrasound inspection of steam traps is one of the most reliable methods to detect blow-by, over-sized traps or line blockage. This control is generally followed by a diagnosis through infrared thermography.
  • Pressure leak and vacuum detection (water, oxygen, oil, nitrogen, … ). As any element passes through a leak orifice, it generates a turbulent flow with detectable high frequency components. In addition, tuning the frequency of the instrument reduces background noise.
  • The ultrasonic control will allow to detect very soon bearing failures (pumps, motors, compressors, gear and gearbox). With the ULTRAPROBE® our operator hears the sound quality of a bearing as well as monitor amplitude changes on the meter. If necessary, an infrared thermography control and / or a vibration analysis may achieve enhanced diagnostic ability with the Ultraprobe.
  • Arcing and corona discharges emit ultrasound at the site of emission. This electrical discharges can be located very quickly by scanning the area with the ultrasonic instrument. It is possible to test transformers, insulators, buss bars, circuit breakers and other electrical gear. It is also possible to test high voltage cells: In this case, it is advised to fix a sight glass to do an additional analysis.