DIAGTECH is a service company in predictive maintenance.


A multi-lingual service company in the heart of Europe.


We propose our services to French and foreign industrials, make thermal and ultrasonic diagnosis and draw up reports into French, English and German.


In order to serve our clients in the best way, we use the most recent technology of FLIR infrared cameras (long and short waves) into which a voice recorder is incorporated. It is no longer necessary to take down notes during our intervention. The lenses at our disposal allow us to restore the best picture in every situation. Our measuring range runs from -40°C to +2000°C.


Our ultrasonic equipment allows us to track « capacitive » problems (electrical arcs, striking beginnings, corona effects,…) on low and high voltage fittings.

We are member of the Vath German association and listed by big insurance companies. Four of our camera men have the qualification D19 for the controls carried out in the scope of damages insurance contracts.